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Why Visit Montana Wineries

When you think of wine you imagine France, California, Italy, maybe even Long Island but, what about Montana wineries? That’s right, Montana has many wineries. A lot of people assume that the treasure state is nothing but small towns, rodeos, ranches, and an occasional city but, there is so much more to Montana and what it produces.

If you’re ever traveling through or a native that didn’t know, you have to stop by and tour some of the wineries in Montana. It’s certainly among the treasures that the state includes in its motto. There are 17 Montana wineries to choose from and they don’t all just produce that delicious fermented grape. There are mead makers and cider brewers as well as those dishing out delicious wines.

Curious as to why there are 17 Montana wineries? Well, let’s go through how it’s a great state for wine and how to find them all.

Why are there Montana Wineries?

A lot of people would assume that Montana wineries import their grapes and then make the wine in-house but, there are plenty of vineyards in the state creating hybrid grapes to withstand the frequent frosts, though many other kinds of grapes naturally do so. With plenty of land and the right temperate climate, it’s very much an ideal place to have a vineyard. Sure, the short growing season presents a challenge but, that also means Montana wineries are filled with plenty of green thumbs that know how to work the grapevine.

If you’re looking at a map of the wineries in Montana, you’ll notice many of them hugging Flathead lake and that’s because it moderates the temperatures instigated by the mountains. That makes it an ideal spot for many of Montana wineries. You’d also notice the other wineries following an almost line throughout the state, these are called banana belts where warmer temperatures and the elevations being lower makes for similar climates as near Flathead lake. The state is filled with these little winemaking paradises, where the weather and climate is ideal for growing grapes. You can tell from where the Montana wineries are as to where you may want to take a trip since the weather is so good.

The next question is how do you find these 17 Montana Wineries? Well, look ahead for a quick tip!

How Do I Find Montana Wineries?

Montana is a big state and whether you’re a native to the treasure state or driving through, it’s best to have a Montana wineries map. The nice thing is that they are mostly along a single route and you can visit the majority of them down the interstate 94. While a few you’d have to go near Flathead lake and therefore off the interstate, it’d be worth the trip if you did.

If you’re on the way to Glacier Park, a popular tourist spot, then you’ll find many Montana wineries along your route though, a tip was promised. Here is a map of all 17 Montana wineries that you can find along your route across the state or on your way to Glacier park:

Montana Winery Map

That map will give you all the wineries on the way to Glacier Park and is just a useful Montana wineries map in general. They cross the state and are easily a great trip idea, provided you mind drinking and driving. If you’re spending a weekend near the lake, why not enjoy and taste test the different meads, ciders, and wines offered.

If you don’t feel like traveling, wineries like Hidden Legend Winery, offers meads for shipment. That’s the nice thing about the internet age while visiting a winery is always a delight, enjoying what they make doesn’t require a visit.

Plan Your Montana Wineries Tour

You don’t have to look to France or California for great wines or meads when there are so many Montana wineries creating exquisite things to imbibe. Whether you’re crossing the county or looking for the next great era of wine, you should give the Montana wineries a shot. You won’t be disappointed.

The 17 spots on the Montana wineries map above are quickly becoming nationally recognized and winning awards of all kinds. Make a stop and see what all the fuss is about. So, pack up with your friends and explore the great vineyards of Montana while enjoying the temperatures of the banana belts. It’s amazing what little secrets the treasure state holds and perhaps that is why it’s called that.

While you’re there though, don’t just enjoy what the wineries offer but, why not book a tour and see how the magic is made.

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