Montana Wine Beef

Montana Wine BeefWe are proud here at Hidden Legend to partner with Indian Hammer Ranch’s Bre Ochs as she launches her Montana Wine Beef project. Visit their website here or their Facebook page. This premium beef is similar to Kobe beef, Montana style. Here at Hidden Legend, we specialize in making premium meads for sale from high-quality Montana honey, even for cows. Mead takes many forms but the honey wine we crafted for Indian Hammer Ranch is fit for a king, and the cows like it too. It is similar to our very popular King’s Mead but with just a little less alcohol and a little more honey for sweetness. Cows are lightweight with a sweet tooth but whatever makes them happy we figure. That’s the point, happy cows make better meat.

Wine Beef from Montana State

Logo Montana Wine BeefMontana Wine Beef is gourmet meat that melts in your mouth and the flavors will have you asking for more. This beef is available from Indian Hammer Ranch for now with more availability soon.

Indian Hammer Ranch Montana Wine Beef

Logo Indian Hammer RanchIndian Hammer Ranch specializes in raising premium beef. Two beef product lines are available from the ranch. They are Montana Wine Beef and Indian Hammer Ranch Serious Beef (Cuts). Below are two order forms that can be used to order beef from Indian Hammer Ranch. Please contact Bre Ochs at 406-866-9949 or 406-799-3006 with any questions.

Beef Cuts Montana Wine Beef