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If you are looking for commercial mead your options are growing. You can order mead from our online store right now. It is getting easier to find commercial mead for sale in many places now. If you’ve had commercial mead that disappointed you in the past don’t give up. There are good commercial meads to be had. This is a very exciting time for commercial mead because interest and demand in mead is growing quickly so the varieties are growing. Commercial mead is no longer just coming from beer makers or wine makers but from mazers. Enough time has gone by now, we are not just converted brewers or wine makers anymore, but commercial mead makers. Here at Hidden Legend, we make one of the best commercial meads on the market…. At least we think so… We do have some awards to back it up and growing bodies of evidence submitted by our customers in the form of comments. What we would like to do here is put together a list commercial meads of sorts to get you started. Because we are interested in the growth of commercial mead in the United States we focus on American mead companies here. We do not have them all listed here by any means. Also, if you are from one of these commercial meaderies and would like to correct something we’ve said, please send a comment.
Chaucer’s may be one of the first companies that offered commercial mead and is arguably the easiest one to find at your local store. They started back in 1964, according to their website, making fruit dessert wines to which they added commercial meads as they developed their product line. Another commercial mead that is available in many stores are Honeyrun’s meads. Rabbit’s Foot Meadery was founded in 1995 and makes commercial mead that is available to buy in stores in certain regions and online. Redstone Meadery in Colorado has done much to bring mead to life and produces some great commercial mead that can be shipped to a fairly extensive list of states (It’s almost as long as the list of states we can ship to ;)) as well as in stores in many areas. White Winter Winery has been around since 1996. They ship commercial mead from their online store. Sky River Meadery sold their first commercial mead in 1999. Heidrun Meadery has been producing commercial mead since 1997. This is just short list of commercial meads. Both and have extensive lists of commercial mead makers in the country.
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is the most exciting beverage of our time. It is carving out its place in America and we are proud to be a part of that here at Hidden Legend Winery. Commercial mead is getting easier to find and the more we can get out there the easier it will be for you to try more varieties. Our goal is to bring our commercial mead to every state and promote mead as the unique and versatile drink that it is. Check out the states and stores where you can buy our commercial mead from the “where to buy mead” tab on our website. Mead deserves to be considered on its own and we look forward to the day when commercial mead has its own section at your local store with lots of commercial meads for you to choose from. Order our commercial mead today in our online store.

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