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Hidden Legend Winery is a Montana Winery. We produce premium wines from grapes grown in Montana. Hidden Legend also produces world class meads. We have teamed with the Allen’s Vinard in the Skalkaho Valley. This Montana vineyard is only a few miles from our Montana winery. They grow four varieties of native North American grapes, against the odds, on their beautiful 3/4 acre Montana vineyard. The Allen’s painstakingly protect their grapes from Montana’s frequent frosts, birds, and the hornets that flock to eat the grapes each summer. The Allen’s efforts are well worth it. Their grape harvest from 2013 yielded two wines that won gold medals in the Indiana International Wine Judging in 2014

The only Montana wine left from the 2013 harvest is a delightful Alsatian style white wine crafted from St Peppin grapes. This Montana winery will be releasing three 100% Montana wines in 2015. The first will be a blend of Marquett and Frontenac grapes. This Montana wine has mellowed in oak and become a full bodied red wine that is perfect for paring with a nice slab of Montana beef or wild game. The second will be a semi-sweet Frontenac Gris that is delightfully fruity and ready to be sipped on your porch with a mild cheese. The third will be another St Pepin white wine that is even better than 2013s. It has a wonderful blend of fruit and tart flavor that goes perfectly with poultry or fish.

Hidden Legend Winery

Hidden Legend Winery


Here are a few articles about our Montana Winery. The article Winning Wines: Hidden Legend receives medals highlights our recent gold medal wins at the Indiana International Wine competition for two of our 100% Montana grown and produced wines. Mead puts Victor Winery on the map highlights our Montana Winery’s success producing world class meads. Our Montana Winery was also highlighted in Somalia Journal’s article Mead: An ancient beverage goes modern.

Montana Wine Grapes

Hidden Legend Winery


Montana’s wine industry is blossoming.  The Last Best Vine wrote the following article talking about just that in Montana Vineyards & Wineries. Montana’s department of agriculture highlights Montana’s wineries on their website. Montana is not traditional wine territory by any means. Some might have the impression that it is strictly an import business with Montana Wineries simply bringing in outside grapes or even bulk wine bottling it and selling it in Montana. While there is some of this going on, our geographical location has forced Montanans to once again dig deep for some of that good old fashion Rocky Mountain ingenuity. Technology and evolution of wine laws has ushered in a tremendous opportunity for Montana Wineries that are willing to think outside the box and work hard to produce some of the most exciting wines this side of the Mississippi.

Geographical location has always been Montana’s best and worst feature. The evolution of direct wine shipping laws in the United States has made it a little easier for Montana Wineries to bring their exciting wines to market across the country. See article New Law makes ordering from Montana Wineries easier.

The development of Native North American Hybrid grapes over the last few decades has turned Montana into potential wine country. These tough little grapes can stand up to our long winters and produce fruit in our shorter than average summers. They also produce some great wines!


A complete list of Montana Wineries is somewhat difficult to find. This is partly because of the speed with which the industry is growing and partially because not many people think of Montana as wine country. Wine Searcher has a pretty complete list of Montana Wineries on its website but we hope we can provide a more complete list of Montana wineries here. Mission Mountain Winery was the first Montana Winery. Producing about 6500 cases per year these days. Over the last thirty years this Montana Winery has produced many world class award winning Montana wines. Mission Mountain Winery is one of only a few Montana Wineries with a vineyard that produces wine from Montana grown grapes. One Montana Winery is standing out in the world of organic wines. It is Ten Spoon Winery. Ten Spoon produces world class wines from Montana grown organic fruit grown in their own vineyard as well an impressive cooperative of Montana vineyards and organic grapes from Washington state. Tongue River Winery one of the few Montana Wineries making wine from Montana grown grapes. Judith Mountain Vineyard is a Montana Winery growing grapes in our great state. Blodget Canyon Cellars produces premium Montana Wines from grapes grown in Washington.

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