What is Dandelion Wine?

The Delicious “Pest” It's funny how some things can be a pest in one place and delicious in another, like dandelion wine. You may work hard to get them out of the yard in the warmer months, but have you ever wondered what dandelions taste like or better yet, what does dandelion wine taste like?… Continue reading

Pure Honey Mead and Dark Mead | Hidden Legend Winery

Pure Honey Mead The flagship of the Hidden Legend Honey Wine is without a doubt the Pure Honey Mead. Our Pure Honey Mead has consistently been the best seller, and that in part is due to the simple nature, but complex flavor masterfully achieved by our head mead maker Ken. We start with Montana Wildflower… Continue reading

Buying Mead Online Shipping to more States

Buying mead online is getting easier. The list of states Hidden Legend Winery ships mead to is growing quickly. It is one of the most extensive list of states mead can be shipped to. The list of states we ship mead to will grow, but we are getting to the end of the available states… Continue reading

Where to Buy Hidden Legend’s Mead

Mead in Stores in WA | Mead in Stores in OR | Mead in Stores in MT | Mead in Stores in WY | Mead in Stores in CA | Mead in Stores in ID | Mead in Stores in NV | Mead in Stores in TX | Mead in Stores in Minnesota | Mead… Continue reading

Buying Mead Online

Figuring out theBest Place for Buying Mead Online If you have never bought mead before then there are a few things to consider. Just looking at the decision from a price point brings a few things to mind that should be considered. Hidden Legend Winery doesn't have the lowest price per bottle for mead online… Continue reading

License to Ship Mead Online

Mead For Sale Covering ID, IA and LA Hidden Legend Winery now has licenses to ship mead to LA, IA, and ID. This brings the number of states we can sell mead to up to 21. See our complete list of states we sell honey wine on our where to buy mead. We will continue… Continue reading

What is Mead?

What is mead? You ask? The basic answer is an alcoholic beverage made from fermented honey, but there is more to it. The U.S. government answers the question what is mead by saying it is "honey wine", probably because it is made by the same process as wine, but it deserves a classification of its… Continue reading

Buy Mead for the holidays

Mead Honey Wine Discount for Holidays Hidden Legend Mead wine is the perfect gift this holiday season. Visit our online store and our special holiday shipping rates. We are offering 50% off shipping for three bottles and free shipping for all orders of four bottles or more. Case and half case discounts are also available.… Continue reading

Mead for Everyone

Introduction to Mead Mead is one of the oldest fermented beverages in the world. It predates history so no one is really sure where it was first made or by whom, but it has been written about in some of the oldest recorded literature. Literature like Beowulf where all the Vikings got together and drank… Continue reading

Honey-wine Was Used As Medicine

Honey-wine Thought to Have Medicinal Benefits Mead is Drinkable Honey, and it is known that it retains the numerous nutritional qualities of honey. The National Honey Board says that mead has similar health benefits of white wine due to the antioxidant characteristics of wine. The immune boosting properties of honey are retained in mead as… Continue reading