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Best Mead For The Holidays

The Best Mead For The Holidays

The holidays are a wonderful time defined by age-old traditions filled with family, friends, all manners of loved ones. Some of the traditions surround exchanging stories with spirits and adult beverages that help to spark that inner fire while hanging by a fireplace. Mead is one of these age-old traditions and has made a well-deserved come back into mainstream use. Depending on the kind of palette or meal you’re having during the holidays, the best mead is the one that fits into your holiday planning. Let’s go over some of the best meads and see why your holidays should be berry instead of just merry.

Christmas Mead Recipe and 2012 Holiday Mixer Notes

Whether you’re celebrating Yule, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or any of the other winter 2020 holidays, you can use the meads listed below in some Christmas spiced mead recipes as well. While honey wine is an exquisite holiday drink in and of itself, it can be used in a variety of cocktails as well.

Like whiskey or vodka, mead is a versatile concoction and can be part of any holiday gathering. So, if you enjoy searching for holiday cocktail drinks to serve then make sure to look online for Christmas spiced mead recipe. You’d be amazed at how many of the meads below can become staples of your holiday feast. Even if spiced drinks aren’t your thing, several of the options below blend nicely in a myriad of Christmas mead recipes. If you’re not sure, it sounds like a good opportunity to a mead taste-testing as a new holiday tradition.

Every year people come up with some 2012 holiday cocktails and now that mead is getting more popular, it’ll be easy to use the winter meads below in the mix. Perhaps you can even experiment and make your own, adding to the Christmas mead recipe collection.

No matter which of the meads you go with below, it’s certainly a way to spice up your holidays.

Elderberry Honey Mead

If you’re the kind of person who enjoys a port during the holidays or family gatherings, then this is probably the best mead for you. Also, if your feasts include any chocolate or sharp cheese, this is also one of the best meads for you. Mead, like beers or wines, pairs with the food and it’s important to consider what you’ll be eating. The elderberry is a sweet-tart taste with an earthy flavor underpinning the rest of the notes. So, when shopping for the perfect holiday mead, remember this when falling for all the myths surrounding the magical elderberry. You want your holidays to seethe with a cornucopia of flavors rather than compete on your tongue. Another note about the Elderberry Honey Mead, it’s best served chilled and sipped rather than freely drank. If the flavors and mythology of this fine drink tickle your tongue, then it’s the best mead for your holiday feast.

Chokecherry Honey Mead

While it isn’t a berry, it rhymes so it’s good enough to be included on the list. Chokecherry mead is made with a kind of cherry that doesn’t sweeten till after a frost, so it’ll give you something to look forward to if not the winter lover. Also, if you have a holiday dinner that has many kinds of dishes around the table, this mead is best for such a meal as it pairs with most foods. Not too sweet and a good beginner mead as it closely resembles a table wine. You can see why this mead is included for a holiday list, helps with unity when choosing the drinks for dinner and for those at your gathering unfamiliar with mead.

Huckleberry Honey Mead

A perfect holiday mead as it is entirely seasonal and dependent on a good berry harvest. This mead comes out in late fall and If you see this mead and has a sweeter flavor with a bitter edge to balance it out. This is the best mead for a holiday feast or as a gift to a mead lover, especially because it isn’t seen too often on the shelves. If you see the Huckleberry Honey Mead just grab it! You don’t know when it will be around again and it could be the perfect honey wine for your holiday dinners.

Now that we’ve discussed a few of the best meads that replace merry with berry, we can talk about the other meads that fit the holiday season. Let’s not forget the more classic favor if the berries aren’t your style, nothing wrong with enjoying something a bit more traditional.

Spiced Honey Mead

Spiced Honey Mead speaks volumes and could be a conversation point if history is your thing. It has an important place in many cultures as it was often strictly made among the priest class or clergy of the past, guarded closely. How is this one the best mead for the holiday season? Because it is perfectly paired with turkey or pork, the centerpieces of so many family gatherings around this time of year. So many drinks are paired with food and a holiday feast is more important than your average meal as it is a time to celebrate with your loved ones, pick the best mead for the meal you’re having and truly celebrate the season.

The King’s Mead

During the holidays’ people tend to dine like royalty and the drink should match a feast fit for a king and queen. This mead is known to have been the drink of royalty, unfit for the classes below, and now it flows freely for your family to enjoy. This mead is more traditional and suits the seasons that is steeped in eons of family customs, a smooth and sweet honey flavor that will balance out the notes of your meal. If you plan all week for your dinner and spend all day prepping for your feast, then this is the best mead for such a holiday dinner.

So many families and groups of loved ones think about the sides and centerpieces for their holiday meals but don’t discount the drink either. Mead is taking its rightful place as a superior drink fit for any celebration and should be on the menu, paired with the delights soon to be on your plate. Whether you’re replacing berry with merry or want something a bit more traditional, any of these meads would be the best mead for your holiday spread. Enjoy the season and drink the best!

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