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Gifts For Mead Lovers

7 Gifts For Mead Lovers

Best Gifts For Those Who Love Mead

Shopping for people can be hard, but should it be so hard to find gifts for mead lovers? Obviously, you can just buy them mead – that will definitely make them happy. 

But what if you want to get them more than just a bottle? That can get a little more complicated.

Finding gifts for mead lovers can seem difficult, but it really doesn’t have to be! This list of 7 gifts for mead lovers can see you through. They’ll love it! They may even share their mead with you…

Mead-Making KitMead Making Kit Complete 3 Gallon

Know a mead-lover that wants to take the step into making it themselves rather than continuing to buy their favorite bottle? (Granted, they probably will keep doing so…but they’ll drink their own too!) Get them a mead-making kit! This will let them cross the plane into becoming a producer as well as a consumer, which many an amateur winemaker or beer brewer will tell you enhances your enjoyment.

There are many kit sets out there at many price points…but here are Hidden Legend’s mead making kits. Unlike most brewing kits, which come in 5-gallon configuration only, ours are available in 1-gallon, 3-gallon, and 5-gallon versions.

Carboy Handle

Say you’re shopping for gifts for mead lovers and the one you know already makes his own, a fantastic gift that doesn’t cost all that much (it makes a great stocking stuffer) is a carboy handle. For those that don’t know, a carboy is a glass jug that winemakers, beer brewers and mezers (people who make mead) use as a primary and secondary fermentation vessel.

In other words, that’s where the yeast converts sugar into alcohol. When a carboy contains 5 gallons of liquid…that’s a lot of weight to shift. 5 gallons of fluid is 20 quarts, which is 40 pints and a pint is a pound the whole world ’round. Once you add the carboy, any sediment inside and the liquid…that’s almost 50 pounds, which you need to pick up like a passed-out toddler because grabbing the neck is a recipe for disaster.

Unless you have a handle or two, which will be deeply appreciated.

A Mead Bookmeadtastingandfoodpairing

There are a number of mead books out there for a variety of mead lovers. Like enthusiasts of any subject, it’s a fantastic gift for mead lovers. Some are historical works, some are practical guides such as pairing mead with foods or a guide to mead-making and so on.

Some may be great for coffee tables and others are great for book shelves. Others still are good for becoming dog-eared, bookmarked reference texts in the garage for home brewing or in the kitchen.

In any event, it’s a fantastic gift.

Degasser Wand

For the home mead-maker, a fantastic gift is a degasser wand. This aids the homebrewer by enabling aeration and degassing mead while in the brewing process. This rids the mead of gases that don’t need to be present while ensuring a quality product by aerating the mead.

This keeps the brew from going stale and also feeds the yeast with oxygen, which they use to ferment the beverage.

A degasser wand, of which there are several designs, threads through a carboy stopper and unfurls a coated wire, which will stir up the mead.

In turn, they get a better home brew. If you go over to their house once it’s ready to drink, so do you!

Honey For Mead Making

Of course, the main ingredient in mead is honey and if you intend to get gifts for mead lovers that are also mead makers, honey for mead making is perfect. Granted, many different kinds of honey can be used in mead making, so you’ll want to ask them beforehand what kind of honey they prefer or will be using.

For the non-mead maker…it always helps to have honey around the house.Mead Lovers Gift Set - Polished Horn 1777-1105

A Mead Lover Gift Set

Another fantastic gift for a mead lover is a mead gift set of drink-ware. This can be drinking horns, as some people are wont to use them, or some sort of stemware or glassware. Just like wine, a good set of stemware can be used to enjoy mead from.

The same rules should apply – chilled mead should be held by the stem, room-temperature mead by the glass.

Get Them Some Mead!

Another thing the mead lover would love to receive? Mead! Try getting them a bottle they’ve been looking for or you know they haven’t tried yet. Just like with wine enthusiasts, beer lovers, scotch and bourbon aficionados, getting someone who loves mead just such a bottle will be very well received.


Besides, they might ask you to drink it with them, which could make for some great times.

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