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Raise A Glass To The Wonders Of Mead With These Gift Baskets

Mead is widely believed to be one of the, if not the oldest mass-produced alcoholic beverage in the world. Records of its consumption stretch back to 3,000 B.C. where it was brewed in the Henan province of China. At its heart is a simple recipe – fermented honey and water. Today it has had something of a renaissance (which actually started in the 1960s) and there are meads that boast incredible complexity of taste due to the many different types of fruits or spices that can be added to the mix.

12 varieties of meads

For those who want to dive into the world of mead, the ‘Hidden Legend Winery’ has 12 varieties of meads that range from the classic offering with its ‘Big Honey’ flavor to those made with a variety of berries and other natural additives. The ‘Bearded Saint’ is a particular favorite with mead lovers and can be ordered online from this award-winning meadery, as can all their varieties. For those who want to treat themselves or share their love for mead with others, the wonders of this hugely popular basket are available courtesy of the latest mead gift basket offerings from Hidden Valley Winery. These are the perfect gifts for any occasion and the number of variants offer an exceptional choice. There is simply something for everyone!

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Mead Gift Baskets

The new range provides Mead lovers with a gifting solution for any occasion. These gift baskets are filled to the brim with various goodies, and each has been carefully curated in order to provide gifts for every taste. Take for instance the ‘Grab the Skillet’ option. It is difficult to think of any more perfect gift for those who want to enjoy a meal prepared with a classic 10-inch pre-seasoned cast-iron skillet. This is perfect for not only those who want to apply their attention to a stovetop, but also for anyone who enjoys an outdoor cooking experience. This basket provides drinking vessels and the opportunity to enjoy some exceptional milk chocolate treats to round off the meal.

Mead Baskets For Sale

Celebrate a Special Occasion with Mead Gift Baskets

For those who want to simply celebrate any special occasion, the aptly named ‘Special Occasion’ basket is ideal. This basket, with its exceptional presentation, provides a bottle of Huckleberry Mead, a solid bar of Montana milk chocolate, six chocolate bites, and 2 glasses. The reusable basket is ideal for picnics and any occasion where friends or family get together. For those who want to enjoy their mead al fresco, there is also the option of the Huckleberry Mead and a 12oz plastic wine glass gift pack. This is ideal for those who want to add a little variety to any gift-giving occasion, especially if it should take place outdoors. For those with romance in mind, the Montana basket is perfect. It contains that best-selling Huckleberry Mead, a 12 piece box of Montana chocolate (made in Stevensville MT), and 2 6oz wine glasses. It’s the perfect foundation for a wonderful evening.

There are a myriad of other choices for those who want to make their mead experience fun (as well as delicious). The striking mead horns and collectible glasses contained in the ‘Mead Lovers Gift Set’ (with two bottles of assorted Mead) will put a smile on the face of anyone interested in this wonderful drink and in its history. For those who want authenticity, the Viking Drinking Horn, manufactured in England from real ox horn is another great choice and the perfect complement to one of the other wonderful gift boxes.

Drinkers have been imbibing this wonder natural alcoholic libation for thousands of years. It is set to continue growing in popularity. Spread the word and the happiness with one of the gift boxes from Hidden Legend Winery.

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