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Is Mead, Brewed or Fermented?

Mead Fermentation

Is Mead Brewed or Fermented?

As you peruse the internet in search for mead (honey wine) and information about mead, you will often find the phrase “brew mead” as you read, but mead is actually not a beer or beer like beverage at all.

The U.S. Government classifies mead as a honey wine because mead is made using the same cold, yeast fermentation method that is used to make grape wine. Well made mead is not super sugary nor does it taste like beer. The blend of honey, water, and sometimes fruit juice, can be fermented to the point where there is no sugar left at all. The mead maker is left with a well balanced table wine that rivals grape wines you’ve tried.

If you are interested in learning more about mead take a look at our beginner mead wine guide.

Is Mead Wine Very Sweet Despite Fermentation?

It can be, but not like any sweet wine you have tried though, as mead is honey wine and not grape wine.

The balance of sugar, tartness, and alcohol will put mead in the realm of wine, but with something more. That uniqueness can make mead acceptable to people who don’t normally appreciate wine, while holding the interest of people who drink wine all the time. If you’ve never tried mead before, there is no time like the present, to do so.

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