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Best Meads By Season

Best Meads By Season

A new year with a new batch of seasons and there is a mead best for each one. Not all drinks are year-round brews, like vodka or whiskey for example, but rather like beer or wine, different meads are best suited to different times of the year. The best meads for warm weather are not the best meads for the colder months and suit different holidays as well as different weather.

Part of the reason for there are best mead recipes for different seasons is that various ingredients are in season in different months and play on our senses, help to underscore the time of the year. Think of a light and crisp beer or white wine during July versus a more robust and dark beer with a big meal during November. It’s very much the same with meads.

Now that you know why the best meads for 2019 can be season specific, let’s go over what those meads are!

Best Mead for Summer

Peach Honey Mead encapsulates the essence of summer by bringing one of the best summer fruits to your palette. It’s the best mead to pair with a warm evening and dinner out enjoying the summer breeze. The bitter edge of the peach is sweetened with the honey and brings about an easy and mellow mead, casually sipped out at a day at the park or beach. Part of the reason this is the best mead for summer is that it isn’t heavy like winter meads. So if you’re going from the sandy blanket to the water, don’t worry about being dragged down by a full stomach.

Best Mead for Spring

The King’s Pyment Mead is the best mead when eager to eat summer grapes. The King’s Pyment is based on a legend from when honey was scarce and grapes were used to fill the honey-void, enriching mead with red wine.

This mead is a mix of red grape wine and honey wine, bringing about all the senses associated with spring. A refreshing and rich drink that inspires the warm weather to come with still a hint of the cold that is leaving us. Spring is filled with many myths and legends about the two seasons in a tug-of-war, the King’s Pyment is the best mead to represent the combination of differences into a beautiful union.

Best Mead for Fall

The King’s Cyser Mead pays homage to the same legend as the King’s Pyment, except that it’s the best mead for fall. Rather than made with red grape wine, this autumnal mead has apples.

How many times during the fall do you think of cider, cider donuts, and a fresh bushel of apples picked at the cider mill? You can see why this is the best mead for autumn then. Apples and honey just go together and build off of one another that even when drank out of season will still have you seeing changing leaves. Why just serve warmed cider at your Halloween party when this is the best mead for apple-bobbing contest 2019.

Best Mead for Winter

The Spiced Honey Mead is the best mead for any winter celebration and the best mead for pairing with pork and turkey dishes. The Spiced Honey mead is crafted with royalty in mind as meads of this sort were served to kings and queens in the past. One can see why when such hearty and festive meals go so well with this honey-wine.

Although this mead is served slightly chilled, it is still the best mead for winter. The reason why it’s on the list for when temperatures drop is because of how it pairs. Mead is much like beer and wine in that way, it’s meant to go with foods and enhance all the different flavors. So, when planning Thanksgiving or later holidays make sure to pick up the Spiced Honey Mead and end 2019 with the best mead for the occasion.

The Best Meads All Year Long!

That’s our list for the best meads in 2019, one for each season to keep your year tasting great. Of course, there are many meads that suit different seasons and some that go with every kind of weather. So, if nothing jumps out at you on this list be sure to explore the store and see what makes sense to you. No matter what you choose you’ll drink like royalty this year and taste history with the best meads in 2019!

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