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A beginner’s guide to drinking mead

guide to drinking mead

A yeast or bacterial growth, honey, and water are the typical constituents used in mead production, an alcoholic beverage. Mead has been prepared and enjoyed all across the globe for hundreds of years and is occasionally referred to as “the drink of the deities.” Although it is not as popular as beer or wine, you may frequently question how to serve and drink it for the greatest effects. There is no one correct way to do it, but there are several useful tips you should be aware of for the greatest results. This article discusses mead and the proper way to enjoy it.

How to drink honey mead wine: A step-by-step guide

honey mead wine

1. Pour mead over ice or drink it cold

Light-colored mead tastes best when it is really cold, just like a light lager beer. Furthermore, carbonated mead might have an unpleasant flavor when served at room temp. Similar to white wine, light-colored meads’ delicate flavors will be enhanced by a cool serving temperature. In the case of Sweet meads, the chill may help to balance out the sweetness. Mead can be served chilled directly from the refrigerator during summertime, making it a refreshing treat. When mead is kept at room temperature, the temperature can immediately be adjusted by adding a few ice cubes.

Drinking mead at such a low temperature has a drawback, though. Subtle flavors are difficult for our taste buds to detect when the mead is too cold. Despite this, it’s still the best choice for meads that are light in color.

On the other hand, how do you drink rich, dark mead?

Letting strong mead sit out of the fridge for 20 to 30 minutes before serving is crucial. This enables the mead to warm up to the ideal serving temperature. You can taste your mead’s entire taste and texture once it cools down to the proper temperature, which is around 55 °C.

2. When it becomes freezing outdoors, drink warm mead

Mulled wine is a popular hot beverage served at Christmas markets worldwide. Spiced mead will win your heart if you adore mulled wine. Honey that has been caramelized and other popular holiday spices are blended to create mulled mead. In addition, the produced mead will be sweeter and more pleasant to drink because a portion of the water and alcohol in the beverage vaporize when warmed. For serving as a hot beverage, reheat your mead as follows:

  • Mead should be poured into a vessel with a thick base. Kitchenware with a flat bottom should not be used since it can cause your mead to burn.
  • Cinnamon sticks, chili peppers, cardamom, and cloves are optional holiday season flavors to add.
  • Simmer the mead over a low to medium flame. Allow the mead to warm up to a temperature of roughly 54.4°C–60°C The exquisite aromas will be lost if the mead is warmed over 60° C. Serve instantly.
  • If you don’t have a thermostat, you can check the temperature of the mead by tapping the side of the vessel with your palms. The beverage is at roughly 60° C if you can hold your hand against the pan without it becoming extremely warm to the touch for 4-5 minutes.

On a brisk winter morning, the hot fermented honey drink is delightful!

3. Drink Mead Directly From the Vial

Any alcoholic beverage is usually enjoyed right out of the bottle. Grab the bottle from the refrigerator, pop it open, and take the first sip. Pass a sizable bottle of mead all around a bonfire if you’re hiking with pals. The experience will be memorable, and the mead will somehow taste considerably more delicious than before.

4. Pour Mead into a Traditional Scotch or Wine Glass.

Most likely, you already have some exquisite cocktail or whiskey glasses. Utilize them to present mead to your friends. Pour scotch glasses with rich meads. The drink looks lavish and really sophisticated due to its crystalline structure.

In the same way, wine glasses are ideal for presenting lighter and golden yellow meads. The guests will be in for a treat when they take their first sip of your fave honey mead instead, if you’re able to even convince them into thinking it’s hued white wine!

5. Fill a traditional wine decanter with homemade honey wine

Consuming traditional mead from a trumpet was the pinnacle of Ancient Greeks. Since ancient times, people in Western Europe have utilized drinking trumpets that were created by gutting out bull horns. If conventional mead cups aren’t really your thing, oak barrels are a perfect substitute. Find a large mead flask to store your delicious honey wine. Each time you take a sip, you’ll quickly relocate to a bar in the Middle Ages.

6. Sniff the Mead First, Then Taste It

Experts of wine say that smelling your beverage’s scent before sampling tremendously enhances your satisfaction. Mead of exceptional quality has a fragrance that surpasses many Merlot Sauvignons in richness. So, take a big whiff of your mead and impersonate wine tasters by giving it a couple of swift spins. You can enjoy the delectable flavor of fermented honey by savoring the fragrances of your mead.

7. Take Tiny Sips

You can’t gulp mead, which is a critical difference between mead and beer. Fantastic meads, even with low alcoholic strength, should be savored like a great chardonnay or whiskey. Prior to drinking the mead, swirl it. Make sure your entire mouth is filled. Every tasting receptor in your whole tongue should be able to enjoy the mead. The delicious scent that remains afterward should be relished slowly. Purchase a bottle of the richest mead you can find if you want to sip your beverage leisurely. Remember that ingesting too much mead at once will cause you to become dizzy and nauseous, and uncomfortable, so experts recommend taking it gradually.

8. Dine in tandem with your mead

Mead is a beverage that can be sipped on its own, but it tastes better when accompanied by food. Any mix of mead tastes great. Despite the ability to explore, following a few “guidelines” can enhance your satisfaction with the experience:

  • Strong meads go well with strong or spicy foods like meat, tortillas, and parmesan. You need a beverage that can match the other tastes.
  • Dry meads, sweeter meads like Melomel, and semi-sweet meads can be coupled with almost everything. Sparkling mead mixes well with veggies, nuts, chicken, and fruits.
  • Meads like Braggot pair wonderfully with desserts if you have a sugar palate. Cupcakes and other chocolate treats go well with your thick mead. Furthermore, lighter desserts like bread pudding, fruitcake, and tiramisu are decent alternatives.

9. Use the Appropriate Portion Size When Pouring and Drinking Mead

The alcohol by volume or ABV of your mead plays a significant role in determining the portion size. For mild meads with an ABV equal to beer, the ideal portion size is 12 ounces. In a wine or whiskey glass, pour medium meads with an alcohol by volume content of 8% to 15%. Four ounces, or about 1⁄2 of the glass, makes up one helping. The serving size of alcohol should be maintained for strong meads over 15% Alcohol content. You’ll stay satiated if you consume 1.5 oz per serving.

Bottom Line

Bottom Line

Mead is a drink made from honey that is sweet and appears in a wide range of flavors, including dry, thick and deep, and very sweet. Mead tasting entails selecting the various flavors you want to explore before evaluating each mead’s scents, texture, and flavor. Thus as outlined in the above article, the best ways to drink and enjoy mead are:

  • Mead tastes best when it’s either hot or cold; room temperature is not ideal.
  • Wine and liquor glasses work best for drinking mead, though you can use any type of drinking glass.
  • Finally, savor the full flavor of your mead by drinking it gently and pairing it with food.

What Is the Suggested Serving of Mead?

When it comes to serving mead, there are a few guidelines to ensure you enjoy this delightful beverage to the fullest. 

Temperature matters

  • Light-colored mead tastes best when served ice cold (around 40° and 4°C). It accentuates subtle flavors and is refreshing 
  • On chilly days, try mulled mead. Heat it gently to enhance the rich caramelized honey flavor, and add your favorite Christmas spices.

Glassware and Portions

  • Serve mead in a classic whiskey or wine glass. 
  • Consider pouring it into a traditional drinking vessel.
  • Take in the aroma before tasting.
  • Savor the flavors by taking small sips
  • Accompany your mead with a delightful meal.


How do you make mead taste good?

You can add fresh fruit, raw honey, fruit juice, spices, and wildflower honey during fermentation to enhance the taste of your mead.

Do you mix mead with anything?

There are plenty of options for you to mix mead with. You can mix it with soda, lemonade, tonic water, or even cava or prosecco for cocktails.

Is mead better, sweet or dry?

It is subjective. While the sweet mead is luscious, dry is refreshing. It depends on the type. So, you should try both to find your preference.

Do you drink mead alone?

You can if you want! Consider sipping it straight from a glass to savor its flavors and aroma. It can be wonderful on its own.

What is the serving suggestion for mead?

You can serve light mead chilled or over ice. Heavy mead is best at room temperature. You can choose according to your preference and the weather.

How do you warm up mead?

If you want a cozy treat, warm mead like mulled wine. Start by heating it gently and enjoy it on cold days. It will make up for a perfect treat during winter.

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