Honey Wine vs Mead: Is there a Difference?

A lot of people new to mead culture wonder if there is a honey wine vs mead difference. Are they two different things or interchangeable terms? It's not a very complex subject, though mead and honey wine recipes are. It's a rich culture with a long history and the contemporary mixtures certainly serve the lineage… Continue reading

What is Melomel

What is Melomel?

Mead, like beer and wine, has many categories and variants that are style and ingredient depend. One of these delicious meads gets quite a bit of attention but few know what it is and so, what is melomel? While mead is essentially fermented honey and water, over the years people have played with what else… Continue reading


Is Mead Sweet?

If you've never tried mead before and are curious if it fits with your tastes, you're probably wondering is mead sweet or bitter or a combination? Like grape wine, honey-wine or mead can vary in flavor and asking "is mead sweet?" is too simple a question to describe the complexities of this drink. The assumption… Continue reading


The Best Mead For The Holidays

The holidays are a wonderful time defined by age-old traditions filled with family, friends, all manners of loved ones. Some of the traditions surround exchanging stories with spirits and adult beverages that help to spark that inner fire while hanging by a fireplace. Mead is one of these age-old traditions and has made a well-deserved… Continue reading

best Montana wine

5 Best Montana Wine Choices

Best Montana Wines You wouldn't think of Montana as being wine country, but you would be shocked at just how good the best Montana wines can actually be. Not only that, but Montana is fast-becoming a serious wine producing region thanks to advances in agricultural science and because Montanans work as hard as they play.… Continue reading

how to store mead

How Should You Store Mead?

Wondering how to store mead, now that you have (or are interested in starting to) enjoy it? Like wines or spirits, mead can be stored long-term and aged. Since mead is closer to wine than cider or beer, are the rules just like storing wine? There are some similarities, but there are some significant differences.… Continue reading

mead vs wine

Mead vs. Wine: What Are The Differences?

What Are The Differences Between Mead and Wine Among fermented - rather than distilled - beverages of an adult nature, those who don't like beer or cider can find themselves torn between mead vs. wine. The latter is certainly much more common in the typical grocery store...for now...but the former has its own distinctive appeal.… Continue reading

Benefits of drinking mead

Benefits of Drinking Mead

Surprising Benefits of Consuming Mead Mead is the oldest art of fermentation. The three basic ingredients of mead include honey and water which are fermented to create mead. It is commonly referred to many as honey wine and it was the first alcoholic drink to be brewed. The ancient Greeks considered mead to be a… Continue reading

what food goes with mead

What Food Goes With Mead

These Are The Best Food Pairings With Mead What sort of food pairings with mead work best, you wonder? After all, it's a wine but it's made with honey, so shouldn't that make it a dessert wine? That would be a natural assumption to make. But it would be dead wrong. Mead comes in many different… Continue reading

mead serving temperature

What Is The Ideal Mead Temperature?

What Temperature Should Mead be Served At? Just like wine or beer, there is an ideal mead temperature...though this can vary. There's a correct serving temperature, fermentation temperature and also a correct storage temperature. There are some people who are starting to keep a mead cellar, as quality meads can age well, just like fine… Continue reading