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Crafted in England from real ox horn, this is quite possibly the most traditional way to drink mead. Before battle, or anytime, you can enjoy your favorite mead just like a Viking 500 years ago. This mug is made to be used. Holds approximately 1 pint.

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Soldier's Mug

SKU: MCM1P, Unpolished 1 Pint $55.99, SKU: MCMDF, Polished 1 Pint $69.99

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  1. Cameron (verified owner)

    I bought this mug several years ago and I love it, but just a word of warning about the unpolished version. It will smell like the worst thing in the world when you first get it. If you don’t want to deal with cleaning it and getting rid of the smell, buy the polished version. Otherwise, the trick to get rid of it is to soak the mug for several days in mixtures of vinegar, bleach, and water. if you choose to use bleach keep in mind it will stop smelling like dead cow and start smelling like bleach, so make sure you then soak it in water and clean it regularly until all the bleach is gone. After you smell nothing from the mug, you’re good to go. Usually it will retain some smell of whatever you last drank out of it though, so i would stick to beer and mead. if you put something like kool-aid in it, and then try to drink beer out of it, your beer is going to smell like kool-aid.

    I think its worth the work though. I greatly prefer the unpolished dirty look. Nothing can make you feel more like a viking than drinking mead out of this mug.

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