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Plum Mead

What else can we say about Plums? They are just plum delicious! Montana honey and plums together make a mead you won’t soon forget. Our philosophy is honey should be the star and only be enhanced by other flavors, which make plums the perfect compliment to the honey in this plum mead.

Enjoy this mead at castle room temperature. That slightly chilled for those of you who don’t live in castles.

Plum Mead

Hidden Legend Winery Plum Mead is a limited offering each year that depends on the plum harvest in our Montana valley. Our plum mead is the perfect balance of flavors pleasing to both honey and plum lovers.

This premium mead is made with premium ingredients and time honored methods we’ve honed over years of mead making. We are always looking to make sure we are keeping up with the times but we like tradition. We love our mead enough to put it in a bottle instead of a can. This mead like all of our mead deserves a little bit of respect, just like you! We know you work hard for your money like we work hard to make our products. We respect that and strive to deliver a product that is worthy of you and your hard earned dollars.

Also, we like this mead! This is a major criteria for all of our products. We have to like it enough to drink it ourselves. We hope you get the same enjoyment from this product that we do.

We are pleased to offer a 10% discount for orders of any combination of 12 bottles or more. Use the discount code “case10” at checkout. This offer cannot be used with any other coupons. “Like” us on Facebook for new product information or to comment on our products. Our meads come in 750 ml bottles.

Note: These shipping rates apply in the lower 48 States, See states we can ship to. We are currently offering Free Shipping for all orders of 6 bottles or more. Shipping for 1 bottle is the discounted flat rate of $15.99 Shipping for orders of 2 to 5 bottles is the discounted flat rate of $12.99 per order.

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