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Mead Barrel


This oak barrel is made to be used. It comes ready for your favorite mead with a stand and working spout. This barrel can be used over and over again and will add a little something to your next mead party or event. These barrels come in a range of sizes to fit your needs. The price includes shipping. Due to varying states shipping laws, barrels are shipped empty.

Note: Please allow three to four weeks for delivery.

Click here for Barrel Use Instructions 


SKU: MB001, 1 Liter $49.95 – OUT OF STOCK, SKU: MB002, 2 Liter $59.95 – OUT OF STOCK, SKU: MB003, 3 Liter $69.95 – OUT OF STOCK, SKU: MB005, 5 Liter $119.95 – OUT OF STOCK, SKU: MB010, 10 Liter $159.95 – OUT OF STOCK, SKU: MB020, 20 Liter $219.95


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