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Dandelion Wine

How To Make Dandelion Wine – Easy Dandelion Wine Recipes

Though dandelions are frequently regarded as colorful but unwanted weeds that appear in yards in the summertime, their flowers can be used to make delicious wine. Dandelion wine is typically prepared by blending the flowers with sugar, an acidic agent, such as lemon juice, and some other winemaking agents. It has a medium alcohol concentration. This wine is typically produced at home due to the small number of wineries that manufacture it professionally.

Dandelion wine is a healing beverage that makes you feel buzzy. Do you wish to learn how to make dandelion wine? This article talks about dandelion wine and an easy dandelion wine recipe. Keep reading to find out!

flowery, mildly sweet flavor

Dandelion Wine: What is it?

A traditional country wine known as “dandelion wine” is made by combining citrus fruit, sugar, water, and yeast, including dandelions. It flows as transparent and golden as honey and has a flowery, mildly sweet flavor.

The purpose of the dandelions themselves is a widespread misperception about dandelion wine. Dandelions actually do not contain any fermentable sugars, thus they can only flavor what is basically a raisin/citrus countryside wine.

History Of Dandelion Wine

Dandelion wine has a long history in Europe as a low-cost wine. Even in barren, dry areas, dandelions thrive. As a result, the practice was continued by settlers in North America’s Plains States. Moreover, those settlers undoubtedly needed a tasty break after a full day of plowing the land.

Due to its warmth and richness, which are equivalent to great whiskey, dandelion wine contains virtually more alcohol rather than wine. You can make a very sweet beverage by using only the yellow sepals, or you could add a bit of extra zest by adding the entire flower. It can be made in a variety of ways, but as a general rule, you must buy one liter of wildflowers per liter of wine you plan on brewing.

What Flavor Does Dandelion Wine Have?

Mead and dandelion wine are commonly contrasted in regard to flavor, and this comparison has some validity. It has a little bitter flavor with a hint of honey-like richness. This drink is suitable for any situation or temperature and is best served cold.

You’ll love this drink if you like the scent of fetid as it has an alluring mildewed aroma. It is also great because it doesn’t have as much sugar within it as other drinks and wines. Some wines have an inherent sweetness that fully overpowers the flavor. On the contrary, dandelion wine has an equal proportion of sweetness to bitterness.

Salad or cheesecake are good pairings for wine to bring out the greatest flavors of the food. This wine must be served cold for a better taste. If the wine is matured too long, it won’t exactly go bad, but you may not enjoy drinking it as much since it will not taste as great.

How to Make Dandelion Wine

Despite the fact that the majority of people have probably heard of this wine, it’s likely that you have never had the experience of making or drinking it. Be prepared and use these simple steps to produce your own homemade dandelion wine if you have never made wine previously. Perseverance is necessary because the wine will take about two years to ferment to its sweet taste.

Collecting The Dandelions

Make sure you choose the right ingredients prior to actually choosing anything. We are seeking dandelions, but you need to study or check an identification guideline if you’re unclear about how they appear. The primary reason for this is the abundance of dandelion flowers that look like dandelion seeds.

To allow the plant to grow significantly, only collect the entire flower heads of dandelions. Do not remove the plant’s entire root system. You’ll need about 3 liters of dandelion flowers. Finding a big space to go foraging is therefore recommended since this is a sizable sum. The dandelions should be collected the morning of the same day you intend to make the wine. Dandelions are at their finest in the morning, which is why it is done at this time.

Preparing The Dandelions

Contrary to common opinion, most dandelions are highly fragrant, and as the perfume is delicate, we should take special care to preserve it. Washing the flowers in water is therefore not a great idea. The best method for doing this is to lightly shake the head of every blossom to get rid of any dirt or insects. You must trim off the stalks and any other pieces that are still connected to the flowers because they are fairly unpleasant. Once all the blossoms have gone through this procedure, you are now ready to make the wine.

List Of Ingredients

  • Three liters of dandelion flowers
  • Approximately one gallon of water
  • Slices of orange
  • Champagne yeast or yeast nutrient
  • Slices of lemon
  • 3 lb. sugar for sugar syrup
  • 1 packet of wine yeast or fresh yeast
  • 1 pound of raisins cultivated organically
  • Brewing apparatus

Steps Involved In Wine Making

Consider the following steps if you are planning on making dandelion wine:

  1. On a nice, summer morning when they’re entirely open, collect the entire flower. Remove any green elements.
  2. Place the blooms with just the petals in a large pot or pan and cover it with boiling hot water. Give it 4 days to rest, covering it with a towel to avoid dust. Mix the dandelion petals daily to keep them hydrated. They’ll begin to have a musty odor. This is usual.
  3. Prepare all of the citrus fruits. Zest about half of all that, then scrape off the rest of the peel in thin slices. The drink’s white pulp content must be maintained at a minimum level. Before cutting fruit into little circles, the pits should be removed.
  4. Add the orange juices and lemon zest to the flower-water mixture, and then reduce the boiling water to a simmer. Filter the lumps after turning off the flame. The liquid in the flowers will soak the sugar. Allow the entrée to come to room temperature.
  5. Next, add the other components to the boiling water, including the yeast nutrient or wine yeast, grapefruit, lemons, and cut raisins. Mix all ingredients in a saucepan for thorough fermentation. Cover the saucepan in a microfiber cloth towel that has been fastened to the base with a rubber band to keep dust and pests out. Every day, stir with a silicone spoon or non-reactive whisking brush. Let the wine mixture sit.

The Bottled Wine

One of two methods can be used to bottle your homemade dandelion wine. It might be transferred to a canning jar and then packaged after being put into bottles.

When the main fermented mix’s (1-2 weeks) bubbling stops, fermentation is almost complete. Filter the liquid using a few sheets of cotton, muslin, or sackcloth, then put it into cleaned bottles. Put a deflated balloon on the mouth of each container to keep a close look for accelerated fermentation. The balloon is allowed to collapse for a day before fermentation begins. Before consuming the finished wine, seal the bottles and allow them to mature for at least six months in a cool, dark location.


Dandelion wine may not be as popular, however, information on it is expanding, especially with regards to its positive health impacts. Through this article, you should know exactly what dandelion wine is and tastes like. Collect dandelion blooms next time you see a meadow so you can make your own homemade wine.

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