Why Is Mead Not Popular Today

Why Is Mead Not More Popular?

A lot of people wonder why is mead not popular and it's a good question. It's delicious, been around for thousands of years, and yet most people just don't drink it. That can be an issue as mead not being as popular as wine can give the impression it isn't as good as other drinks,… Continue reading

5 Facts about Drinking Horns

5 Interesting Facts About Viking Drinking Horns

Five facts about Viking drinking horns and how they relate to mead. You've probably seen Viking drinking horns on television or in mead promotions, wondering if they're authentic or just a cool bit of art in media. While they are neat things to see around, they aren't just some made-up art piece but, rather a… Continue reading

The Best Mead By Season

Best Meads By Season

A new year with a new batch of seasons and there is a mead best for each one. Not all drinks are year-round brews, like vodka or whiskey for example, but rather like beer or wine, different meads are best suited to different times of the year. The best meads for warm weather are not… Continue reading

mead gifts

7 Gifts For Mead Lovers

Best Gifts For Those Who Love Mead Shopping for people can be hard, but should it be so hard to find gifts for mead lovers? Obviously, you can just buy them mead - that will definitely make them happy. But what if you want to get them more than just a bottle? That can get a… Continue reading

drink mead save bees

Help Save The Bees By Drinking Mead

Believe it or not, drinking mead is not only delicious, but it's also environmentally responsible - you're helping to save the bees. Beekeepers are the people who supply the base ingredient in mead and the past few years have not been good for honeybees, either of the wild variety or farmed. However, the burgeoning mead… Continue reading

ancient mead recipes

Recreating Ancient Mead Recipes

Mead may well be the most ancient of all alcoholic beverages, as records of ancient mead predate Western Civilization. The ancient Egyptians, ancient Indians and other civilizations from the pre-Hellenic era made and consumed meads. This has led to a modern interest in recreating ancient mead, in order to revive the tipples of ancient man.… Continue reading


Beginner’s Guide To Drinking Mead

How to Drink Mead Like A Viking Mead is believed to be the first widely consumed alcoholic beverage. Archaeological records from both Northern China and Greece place mead amongst the earliest of any alcoholic drinks discovered by man. Honey was a cheap source of sugar – needed for the distillation process. It also has antimicrobial… Continue reading

Where to Buy Hidden Legend’s Mead

Mead in Stores in WA | Mead in Stores in OR | Mead in Stores in MT | Mead in Stores in WY | Mead in Stores in CA | Mead in Stores in ID | Mead in Stores in NV | Mead in Stores in TX | Mead in Stores in Minnesota | Mead… Continue reading