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How To Use A Mead-Making Kit

How to Make Mead Using a Brewing Kit Want to know how to make mead with a mead-making kit? We'll show you how. It's fairly easy to do once you have the equipment. All you need from there is the ingredients and a recipe. We'll walk you through to steps for using a mead making… Continue reading


Beginner’s Guide To Drinking Mead

How to Drink Mead Like A Viking Mead is believed to be the first widely consumed alcoholic beverage. Archaeological records from both Northern China and Greece place mead amongst the earliest of any alcoholic drinks discovered by man. Honey was a cheap source of sugar – needed for the distillation process. It also has antimicrobial… Continue reading

mead making history

The Untold History of Making Mead

A Brief History of Mead Mead – derived from the Old English word ‘medu’ – is a popular alcoholic beverage. It is primarily created by fermenting honey with water and contains 8-20% alcohol, the flavor is then enhanced with various spices and fruits. While the sugar in the beverage primarily comes from honey, the final… Continue reading

The Best Mead to Try in 2019

Best Mead Wine To Try in 2019

Best Mead To Try in 2019 For everything, there is a season and that includes varieties of mead wine. There are dozens of variations on mead, and some are better dispositioned to be summer drinks, when the weather calls for something light, crisp and refreshing. There are others that are bold, flavorful and pair well… Continue reading

The Kings Cyser Top 50 Amazon Wines

Best Selling Mead Look who made the list of Top 50 Wines! Hidden Legend Winery is proud to be amongst the best selling wines on Amazon. Thanks to the wonderful people over at for helping to spread the word about mead! For those who many not be familiar with our Montana grown wine… Continue reading

Pure Honey Mead and Dark Mead | Hidden Legend Winery

Pure Honey Mead The flagship of the Hidden Legend Honey Wine is without a doubt the Pure Honey Mead. Our Pure Honey Mead has consistently been the best seller, and that in part is due to the simple nature, but complex flavor masterfully achieved by our head mead maker Ken. We start with Montana Wildflower… Continue reading

Buying Mead Online Shipping to more States

Buying mead online is getting easier. The list of states Hidden Legend Winery ships mead to is growing quickly. It is one of the most extensive list of states mead can be shipped to. The list of states we ship mead to will grow, but we are getting to the end of the available states… Continue reading

Where to Buy Hidden Legend’s Mead

Mead in Stores in WA | Mead in Stores in OR | Mead in Stores in MT | Mead in Stores in WY | Mead in Stores in CA | Mead in Stores in ID | Mead in Stores in NV | Mead in Stores in TX | Mead in Stores in Minnesota | Mead… Continue reading